16 November 2009

Hey Folks,
Sorry I haven't update in a while. I've had some family issues and school has been kickin my behind and still continues to do so right now. So this will be rather short and sweet. Here's a last-minute show for ya'll to get yourselves noticed. You can submit art and make some cash as well!

“A Work of Art” fashion show, produced by Fashion Retail 388 students, will be held Wednesday November 18th at 7p.m. on campus at the McCutcheon House. Art students will be able to display their work before and during the show. It is possible that the art is sold in a silent auction but that decision would be made on by the artist of course. This would be a great way for students to get work into the community here at USC!
They are looking for:
- Advanced level art (Junior/ Senior)
- Art of color pallet: Red, Green and Blue
- Art of any medium
The students that participate will be listed in the program along with their artwork and have the opportunity to make some money. 
Contact Erica McCandless with questions at mccandlj@mailbox.sc.edu

That's all I got today.

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