17 November 2009

SKETCHCRAWL! Hey all you illustrators/drawers/sketchers, this Saturday, November 21 is Columbia's first official SKETCHCRAWL! Its part of a network of drawing events happening around the world.  Groups in about 150 cities get together, draw en masse, then post the results to a website - www.sketchcrawl.com. This is the 25th Crawl, and there is a great global community that has grown around the event. Sara Schneckloth is officially launching ours here in Columbia.

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating, we will start on the steps of the McKissick Musuem at 10 am, and work our way out from there, ending around 2.  People should bring whatever drawing materials they wish to use. Contact Sara at schneckloth@gmail.com with further questions. 
*And for those of you not in Columbia, you should still participate wherever you are. I'm sure you could still post the stuff up on the site. Or check and see if there's an event in your town!
AAF GREENVILLE  If anyone would like to receive emails from the American Ad Federation in Greenville, SC, let me know at kevinarchie@email.com. The people in charge there wanted to give USC AIGA and Design students the opportunity to know what kind of events are going on up there. You can check out there website here and shoot me an email if your interested in receiving updates from them.

16 November 2009

Hey Folks,
Sorry I haven't update in a while. I've had some family issues and school has been kickin my behind and still continues to do so right now. So this will be rather short and sweet. Here's a last-minute show for ya'll to get yourselves noticed. You can submit art and make some cash as well!

“A Work of Art” fashion show, produced by Fashion Retail 388 students, will be held Wednesday November 18th at 7p.m. on campus at the McCutcheon House. Art students will be able to display their work before and during the show. It is possible that the art is sold in a silent auction but that decision would be made on by the artist of course. This would be a great way for students to get work into the community here at USC!
They are looking for:
- Advanced level art (Junior/ Senior)
- Art of color pallet: Red, Green and Blue
- Art of any medium
The students that participate will be listed in the program along with their artwork and have the opportunity to make some money. 
Contact Erica McCandless with questions at mccandlj@mailbox.sc.edu

That's all I got today.

28 October 2009


Here are some of pumpkins from the pumpkin carving night. (ok, this is ALL the pumpkins…) We all decided to go with some kind of typographic face.
Gerald Andal's (he had to simplify the mouth to cut down on time)
Jason Richburg's (hand-written type)
Laurel Steckel's (an owl that spells boo)
mine (I call him vampumpkin)




Some of the members of AIGA are getting together to help prepare for the show and they need help. It will be simple stuff like painting awards cubes and making signage…but the more people they have, the quicker it will go.

This will be TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday October 29) around 6pm 
at Mcmaster in one of the design rooms. 
Please come out and give a hand if you're available. If any of this changes between now and then, I'll update it so check back to be sure if you are planning on attending.

In other AIGA news, I've got some invitations for some of you student members. I will be getting them to you ASAP at school.

Here's what the packaging looks like:
 The extras inside:     

consortium of universities, federal agencies, conservation organizations,
and other partners who work together to protect our natural and cultural
heritage. The program is now ten years old and has funded more than 5000 projects
worth over $300M. It's time for a new logo and we want YOUR ideas!
The deadline for submissions has been extended to Thanksgiving (Thursday,
November 26th). We are looking forward to a great diversity of designs to

26 October 2009

How To Be Creative Manifesto

I came across this manifesto during some research. Take a look…


24 October 2009

Student Gamecock Television, is hosting an art design contest to find
the best t-shirt design for a new staff and giveaway tee. There is a
$50 prize for best design, and the contest lasts until Friday, Nov. 6.

Sarah Katherine--Sarah Katherine ShearinPublic Relations Director, SGTVskatshearin@gmail.com / shearin@mailbox.sc.edu 704.779.9030

19 October 2009

this just in

There will be an event for designers at the Nick Tuesday night called Pecha Kucha. Everyone should try and go. It'll be a great networking opportunity/learning exerience. 

WHAT: first official pecha kucha night 
WHERE: Nickelodeon Theatre 
WHEN: Tuesday, October 20 @ 8pm 
HOW (MUCH): $5


Pecha Kucha Night (which is Japanese for the sound of conversation) was conceived as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. To keep the flow of conversation going, Pecha Kucha allows each presenter 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.


This sunday, we will be having A PUMPKIN CARVING contest and/or get-together. There will be refreshments and fun to be had by all. I've decided to make it a typography experiment too! So all you design nerds, don't forget your schaedler rulers and your exacto knives… I'm only kidding, it's not gonna be that serious. But some of us will be carving type so feel free to join. Or you could just make a funny face. The important thing is that you come! See info/poster/checklist below…

WHAT: Carving Event/Contest

WHERE: 2611 Cypress Street/my back yard

WHEN: Sunday, October 25 @ 7pm

•carving utensils
•extra stuff (stencils, candles, newspaper, etc.)

SO I guess that's it. I'll leave you with this, that, and the other.

18 October 2009

As you may have noticed, all ye avid bloggers, two people have posted to this blog. That's right, two SEPERATE people on ONE blog! Isn't the internet crazy!? We can (and WILL) have multiple posters to this blog. If anyone would like to become an author and share your design interests, just shoot me an email and i'll hook you up. This could even serve as a place to get good feedback on schoolwork. Anyways… it's still a work in progress somewhat, but its getting there. I'll post some links soon as well as a special announcement. So stay tuned for more on that. have a nice night.

15 October 2009

Stuff that moves.

Hi, I'm Gerald. I'm a (super) senior.
Just this semester, I started learning After Effects. I love it.
I made a video to start off the "Graphic Design Orientation Night" last month as an excuse to show off what I like to make on the side. It's my little love letter to graphic design:

Also, my friend/classmate/roommate Kevin and I rearranged the graphic design room for the seniors. The old arrangement felt so enclosed, and we all weren't really happy with it as a whole. Now, the room feels like a tight-knit community where king's desks and lowly-serf desks can enjoy life together. The following video is of Kevin taking you on a tour of the room. Enjoy!


11 October 2009


HI EVERYBODY! I've finally started us a real site. I hope to update this often with interesting links about design and whatnot. I'll also inform you about upcoming events here so keep checking back to see what's up. I've made the blog accessible to members and nonmembers alike so feel free to comment on anything. Or you could join and start you own blog… it's free AND easy! That way you could follow this blog daily if you'd like. I'll do my best to keep it updated with inspiration and information. To keep that promise, let's start off with a few sites to inspire.

ED NACIONAL Believe it or not, this guy is just a student. But he does really great work. ED NACIONAL

DESIGN FRIENDSHIP This design firm has some really beautiful stuff. Check out the ISIS Productions and the Pretty Green Projects, among others. DESIGN FRIENDSHIP

FRANK CHIMERO In case you missed him, which is probably most of you assuming 4 students showed up to the AIGA event (which was under publicized…so my bad) but Frank is a really smart young professional with some great ideas. FRANK CHIMERO

SAM SPINA Sam is a freshly graduated former gamecock designer. This is his daily comic blog. SAM SPINA

Well that's it for now folks. Rumor has it that there's gonna be a pumpkin carving contest soon… stay tuned for more on that!